Stephen Wiltshire draws Sydney

I’m looking forward to going into the city this week – the city being Sydney in my particular case. I’m especially looking forward to it because internationally acclaimed artist and autistic savant Stephen Wiltshire will be drawing a cityscape of Sydney all week long at Customs House. I’ll drop by on Wednesday when he’ll presumably be halfway done.

For those of you who don’t know who he is, you’re in for some amazement. Stephen, who is from the UK, is an artist who creates drawings and paintings of detailed cityscapes and other subjects such as classic American cars. His accurate representations of cities are sometimes drawn from memory after having only observed them briefly – when I viewed the documentary on his website that details how he created his cityscape of Tokyo (where I lived for about 10 years in total), I was blown away at the end result given the amount of time he had to view his subject and the detail that went into it. He has done many similar works, including London, Rome, Hong Kong, Moscow, Dubai and New York among others, sometimes from multiple vantage points.

His in-place scenes are equally compelling, and one marvels at how his mind is able to work. It makes me wonder how many other people there are like him with abilities equally beyond the comprehension of mortals – and what humans in general are capable of. I think it is a testament to generosity of the artist that he shares both his creations and the act of creating with the world around him.

If anyone else is up for some pure wonder, see you on Wednesday.

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