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(if you are having problems with your google password, click HERE)

This is a continuation of a rant I published on my other blog – one that specifically caters to stay-at-home dads, since I’ve been one of those for over a year now.

The message I sent to is included below for your reading pleasure. It should be noted that I received no response, no offer of help, and the issues continue.

This article seeks to review the so-called premium services (which you have to pay for – lest you be left with ad-ridden web-based mail, and if you want that just use gmail or yahoo mail or hotmail or any of the 100 other services that actually work).

Premium services basically allows you to forward mail (they tried to take this away, but people complained – probably because the service is so unreliable without forwarding), and it allows you to connect with POP or IMAP.

Even with forwarding enabled, most messages sent to me that include attachments bounce back, so the sender calls me and says they can’t send mail to me. I then give them my gmail address. In fact, POP was so unreliable that I began forwarding all messages to gmail, and even then messages with attachments bounce, so go figure. I now only give out my gmail address.

POP worked for a while, but was unreliable (read: down a lot). POP rejects the correct password daily when used with my Mac. I could never get IMAP to even work with, so I won’t even go there.

For a company that specialises in mail, and charges users for basic functionality like POP and forwarding (free with gmail), you’d expect it to work reliably, especially since you pay an annual fee for the premium services. It doesn’t.

In fact, the certificate for POP is invalid (looks like AOL runs their mail service, and not very well). Their customer service is non-existant. Last time I complained I got this message from them:

Dear xxx,

This email is to notify you of the rebill on your account failed for this billing period. As a consequence your account has been downgraded to Free membership. Following is the reason for this action:

Cancelled By User

If you have any questions or need help, please contact one of our knowledgeable customer service associates at

Please do not reply to this email.

They had a valid card on record, I used the same card to manually renew the service, as most people I know use the address. So I have to wonder if they did this to punish me for complaining.

After 15 years of using this email address I’m near the point of giving up. Here is the message I posted on my other blog, the same message I sent to them, the same one that got no response from customer service. It should be noted that it wasn’t the first time I asked for help with the multiple issues.

I’ve had a address since you guys were At that time I paid $59 for my address, and was told it would be mine forever, I’d never have to pay again. Soon though, you figured out a way to keep charging me. I have at least 5 email addresses and this is the only one I have to pay for.

That wouldn’t be so bad, but it’s the only email address I have that consistently has problems. i have resigned myself to forwarding all my mail to my gmail account, because I had so many problems that were “unresolvable” that I just gave up.

Almost every day I get an error on my mac stating “the server” has rejected the password for my account. I try again, and again, eventually it works. But I get the error most days, usually more than once a day. Since I forward the mail it doesn’t matter, but I still get the error. I’ve reported this before.

Another annoying problem that over the past year, when people tried to send me messages, particularly those with attachments, they would not reach me, or the person would get a message saying they couldn’t send to my address. This is what prompted me to switch to forwarding after many years of putting up with the password rejection issue.

I don’t know if I’m the only one with the problem, or if there are others who endure these problems. The only thing I know is that yahoo, gmail, hotmail,, – any other service I use basically just functions without issue, so I can’t understand why why why consistently has problems that can’t be fixed.

With resigned curiosity I hope someone can tell me.

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